If laughter is the best medicine and

crying is the best therapy I believe that

writing is the best detoxifier

so toss your trash out

in this magic bin,

unload and

be free…


This page may also contain musings of a lost soul in a crowd of dualistic minds — thoughtless thoughts, sweet nothings, unforeseen sights, incredible facts, unspoken words, broken promises, forgotten memories, the gift of the present moment…


Ikaw ba’y sagana sa kaalaman at kakayahan

Dahil sa iyong kasipagang walang humpay

O sadyang pinagpala ng Diyos na makapangyarihan?

Ang lahat ay ibahagi bago mawalan ng saysay sa iyong paghimlay.

4 responses to “#themagicbin

  1. I don’t expect leaders to be popular or highly academic. What our country needs are “public servants” (not wealth hoarders) who are competent, honest, hardworking, compassionate, assertive, optimistic, goal-driven and able to lead by example; not just some corrupt, indolent sleepyheads.

  2. simple lang ang ibig kong sabihin – tweet, shoutout, share, post, comment, magpapansin, magpasikat, humingi ng payo, magtanong, tumulong…

  3. “You never loved me. You enjoyed loving me.” ~ Nora, A Doll’s House (1973)

  4. Bows and wows to you!

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