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How to get a job

More and more Filipinos are becoming jobless due to global financial crisis. Some people believe, who usually blame misfortunes and corruption especially in government offices, claim that there is no choice but to resort to crime or turn to vices. However, it’s not the end of the world so don’t ever lose hope.

The government’s steps in resolving this problem are not enough because it only offers a few short-term jobs and it should be serious and firmly implement its effort to seek help from then taken-for-granted land – to turn back to agriculture instead of focusing on industrialization. The government should focus on projects that would provide Filipinos opportunities for sustainability by maximizing but not exploiting land production in order to provide food for Filipinos. My disapproval of luxurious housing or expensive real estate expansion does not make me sour graping for I am only concerned that wicked individuals are gradually making the lands exclusive to the wealthy and the powerful. What if one day a natural disaster like deluge or earthquake ruins your investment? I see no reason why lands are not made to equally serve all people. And I wonder why those who illegally acquired lands are not haunted by their conscience knowing that many people are suffering because of their selfishness. After all, life on earth is not a race to riches but to God’s realm.

If the government can’t help us find a job, help yourself and God will do the rest. It takes humility, honesty, patience and hard that we may not develop a feeling of insecurity when can’t earn as much as we can dream of. If you can’t find a job somewhere else in your locality or target area, try to learn about online jobs. Many Filipinos are earning extra income out of writing, programming, trading or investing.

Don’t be fussy as long as you have a decent job. Be sure not to entertain swindlers, know your strengths and limitations, use your time efficiently, discern what is good, and practice moral and social responsibility.