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Chinese Massage (中国按摩zhōngguó ànmó)

This afternoon, I attended a free Chinese massage seminar hosted by CCU-MLC. They showed us this video as an introduction. Although I didn’t understand everything they said because they spoke as if they were talking with native Chinese speakers, I believe they were talking about one of the most popular health principles, “Prevention is better than cure.”

People often need massage to ease body pain than in enhancing functions of body parts or aiding relaxation. Although this video doesn’t apply to most individuals, it is important to note that our health and well-being depend on the things we eat and do in accomplishing our daily activities. Thus we need to consider the best health practices wherever we are, like (for employers,) providing a conducive atmosphere, clean and comfortable environment, as well as ergonomic and user-friendly facilities; and (for employees,) encouraging each other to live a healthy lifestyle, avoiding smoking in public places, and regular exercise.

I hope that this simple reminder will help us keep our mind (considering priorities, family, healthy food, etc.) and body healthy and stable.

Your Hand

When my world falls down around me,
And the ground is sinking sand;
When peace can’t be found on this earth,
I reach out for your hand.

Then when your hand wraps ’round my own,
A strength pours from your soul;
It brings me to a quiet calm,
Till once again I’m whole.

A peace beyond all reason,
A rest there in your touch;
Something in your quiet words,
My heart yearns for so much.

If I but rest my worries,
Upon your shoulder there;
The strength that pours forth from your soul,
Will wash away each care.

Like a cool, sweet taste of water,
For a tired and thirsty man;
My heart finds peace, my soul is calm,
When I reach out for your hand.

~Author Unknown

World’s Largest Shoes

Officially recognized and certified by the Guinness Book Of World Records, the pair of shoes measurre 529 centimeter(5.29 meters)long measures 237 centimeters(2.37 meters)width and is made of genuine leather. The upper lining it took 77 days to finish(August 5, 2002 to October 21,2002).The shoes can be worn by a person with a height of 125 feet can fit 30 people inside the shoes can produce 250 pairs of regular shoes from the materials used. — at Riverbanks Marikina.