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i’ve learned that…

i thought the “just be it” motto is easy to live… it’s not when you are hurt so badly

if falling in love is temporary madness, i want to be totally mad for when i’m in love everything is nice and easy it’s because i don’t see things clearly

some people look at a person as a gold digger if s/he is not as rich as the one s/he loves. often, families would ask not how much you love their member but how much you’re earning. they are not interested in knowing a person but in labeling, defining, and identifying his/her connections.

i was advised to save for my own future but people looked at me as someone who didn’t know how to share blessings. i felt more insecure, defensive, pretending, and worried so i decided to enjoy what i worked for while sharing some to others. that was the time i regained people’s compassion and self satisfaction.

it is better not to give than to give against your will

the key to happiness is generosity

a grateful receiver is a cheerful giver

i’d rather not feel inferiority or insecurity since i know who you truly loved

to free yourself from the one you love is an indication of true love. to give yourself to those who need you is an act of selfless love. to love without expecting to be loved is hopeless love. only god’s love is unconditional – no motive, no reason, no limit

napanood ko kasi ‘yong “My Amnesia Girl”

…kaya eto, gumawa rin ako ng sarili kong mga sabi-sabi:

Para akong si Helen Keller

Hindi man lang kita makita

Wala rin akong marinig mula sa ‘yo

Hindi rin ako makapagsalita


Para akong alarm clock

Habang buhay kitang pag sisilbihan

Sinusunod ko lagi ang gusto mo

Kahit pinapansin mo lang ako tuwing kailangan mo ako


Para akong vending machine

Naroon ako sa oras ng kagipitan

Handang ibigay ang iyong pangangailangan

Walang labis at walang kulang

Health: Your invaluable wealth

While mass media offers innumerable benefits to society, the demands of business and marketing have debilitated its role to the extent of conveying shoddy information. While some organizations (from individual entrepreneurs to MNCs) remain socially responsible and reputable in carrying their goals out, others find it inevitable to sham just to catch the attention consumers in order to make huge profits. There are those who are wise in making decisions and firm in taking only the most important and appropriate actions but there are also those who prefer or are unaware of the fact that they have chosen to conform to trends, want new goods or services or want what others have. Yet, advertisers are able to be as convincing and persuasive as they can to influence people’s buying behavior.

I cannot excuse myself from one of the many who easily or helplessly fell on their trap. Because of this, I used to wonder how possible it is to achieve optimum health if every thing that our body needs is costly and the government cannot offer a health care system for the Filipino to enjoy. Having a chance to read lots of books about health and wellness, my dilemma of choosing the right diet and activities has become a conundrum. Nutritionists have different opposing views on arriving at the absolute nutritional law. What makes it a perplexed idea is the vast number dietary programs as well as detoxification options made available in some commercially oriented propaganda. This really makes me think that health is expensive. This doesn’t mean, however, that if we don’t have economic means, there’s nothing we can do to keep or improve our health.

It made me feel better when I read that turning to vegan or vegetarian diet is not the ultimate way to attain a healthy body. These types of diet contribute to saving thousands of animals, improving your blood chemistry and enhancing your body organs to function more effectively but, in reality, only a few are able to or are willing to practice these eating habits for a cause. People’s attention in alkaline diet, which was introduced in Japan has significantly increased, especially in the U.S and European countries. Unfortunately, only those who are extremely health conscious are willing to spend thousands of pesos to get the healthiest foods and water ionizers. So how can an average person maintain a healthy body? The author of the waterfy blog claims that a combination of a healthy diet, exercise, reducing stress, and drinking clean pure water to achieve a healthy body with stable alkaline pH level of 7.2 to 7.5. If we can’t get the right food and water, at least we try to stay away from people that create a stressful environment or situation, and do physical activities that we can enjoy. There must be many other alternatives that is right for you and you have to find them out. We just have to be resourceful and patient in looking for health solutions.

(November 2009)

The Best I’ve Ever Had

The Best I’ve Ever Had

The saintly teacher, who introduced me to the world of words,
Taught me to recite, sing, act and memorize literary pieces.
She had angelic voice, graceful movements and skillful hands
And she inspired me to bring out the best in me.

The motherly teachers, who pushed me to the limit,
Though with firmness and strict rules,
Have taught me to face challenges with optimism
And develop the right habits and attitudes of a good citizen.

The sisterly teachers who were dedicated and dependable
Taught me to have courage and be prepared at all times.
They gave me a chance to show my abilities
And influenced me to love learning.

The character-building teachers who deserve two thumbs up
For their academic excellence and admirable qualities.
Without hesitation they wholeheartedly share their wisdom and treasures
To make their students become special just like them

They are God’s gifts I’d cherish for a lifetime
They are the best teachers I’ve ever had
Words are not enough to express my gratitude and appreciation
But there’s one thing I am sure of — I want to be like them.

(February 2001)