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How to activate SMART MMS/GPRS

Do you want to send or receive multimedia messaging service (MMS) or General packet radio service (GPRS)? use your mobile phone as an internet modem? plan to buy or have a new Smart subscriber identity module (SIM)? or have you got a new mobile phone model? If your answer is yes, activate MMS/GPRS now!

I tried another SIM brand but Smart seems to be the best choice because it has the most number of subscribers, offers reasonable price, has more perks and new exciting features, and is more convenient to use. To fully benefit from its functions, I had to activate MMS and GPRS.

Type SET <handset model> and send to 211 (e.g. SET W995). Wait for a confirmation message or further instruction.

To learn more about SMART features and rates, click here.

The end doesn’t justify the means

Would you rather buy something if you can have it for free? Would you rather produce something to earn money or share it to the public? It’s really hard to resolve issues like these so let’s leave it to the laws. All I know is that sharing is an act kindness but sharing by seeding is illegal because it promotes piracy.

Bittorrent, a peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) communications protocol, is one of the things that makes me (busy or rather) overuse my laptop. It’s good because it’s free and it promotes the value of sharing but it’s bad because it’s pro-piracy.

Becoming a leecher doesn’t make one a theft because seeders openly and generously share whatever and whenever they want to. It’s up to the users to protect their identity or IP address from possible lawsuits. Some torrent sites were blocked but they keep on coming back and this system, like open source (education), seems to be unstoppable. Computer users will continue to share through the Internet unless products which can be converted as torrent files are marketed with extremely cheap prices.

I am a torrent lover because, as a minimalist and environmentalist, I just store hundreds or thousands of music, videos, e-books, games, and applications in my external HDD. Now, I wouldn’t have to buy DVD’s, go to the movies or hire a computer technician. I can have most of my computer, education, and entertainments needs right at home. I may be guilty of being a liability to the industry and financial matter may not be a good reason to justify this advocacy but I won’t stop from seeding and leeching until torrents are available and peers continue to be active. Who would spend $100++ for a software if it can be downloaded for a few minutes (or even up to a couple of days) for free?

For those who are interested, follow these simple steps for free and unlimited downloading:

1) Download µTorrent (It’s user-friendly, lightweight, and more powerful than other torrent clients such as Bitcomet, Vuze, and Bittorrent).

2) Search for a torrent file by typing your chosen keyword/s from any of your search engines and the word “torrent” (e.g., Slumdog Millionaire torrent). You may download Torrent Finder then type the keyword/s for faster and easier searching.

3) Open the torrent file to start downloading. If the file is not automatically recognized, right click it with your mouse for the Open with option then choose the µTorrentapplication.

Spread this info, enjoy, and do not overexploit.

Goodbye Michael Jackson

My condolences to the family of Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009).  May he rest in peace.

I will always remember him for his ingenious craft, remarkable achievement, and great songs.

Things I’ve learned from his life:

1) It doesn’t matter if you’re black of white. Therefore, you don’t have to look beautiful to be accepted or loved by many people. Just be true to yourself and others.

2) It really doesn’t matter if you look ugly as long as you don’t look like a corpse. I believe MJ could have had a chance to live longer if he didn’t undergo a significant number of plastic surgeries. I hope that people will learn to take care of their inner system, including soul, rather than their appearance to live a happy life.

3) Anyone can turn fantasies into reality. MJ was so rich, powerful and influencial that he was able to possess or do everything he wanted. All it takes is hard work with diligence but make sure you are not violating any human and divine law.

4) We can heal the world and make it a better place.

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