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Passion of Christ

Part of the observance of Lent is Pabasa or Pasyon (the chanting or singing of the Passion of Christ). It was first done in 1995 at the chapel. A few believers went to sing from Monday (afternoon to 12 midnight) to Friday (afternoon) of the Holy Week. For the last session, they finished the book at St. Bartholomew Parish from around 7 to 10 o’clock in the evening.

Stations of the Cross 2009

Aside from fasting and abstinence, some Catholic believers attend processions as part of their sacrifice, especially during the Holy Week. Every year, procession of the Stations of the Cross is held on Good Friday (not only around the town plaza but also) in Barangay San Bonifacio. This year, the people assembled from the southern boundary (bagatan or timog) and finished the prayers at the chapel.

Stations of the Cross 2008

Good Friday, 20 March 2008