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St. Isidore in the Philippines


Throughout the Philippine archipelago, several feast are celebrated and offered to St. Isidore. Among them are:

  • The Sabugan ng Biyaya Festival (also known as simply Sabugan Festival) of the town of Agdangan, a small town in Quezon, is a thanksgiving event for the blessings that the town received, and to honor St. Isidore The Laborer.
  • The Nabas Bariw Festival is celebrated to commemorate the feast day of St. Isidore the Farmer, the patron saint of Nabas, a municipality of Aklan province in the Visayas. It is celebrated annually from 12 – 15 May. This celebration showcases the town’s hat, mat and other bariw products as well as the town’s unique tourism sites and natural attractions.
  • Also, May 15 celebrates the fiesta of San Isidro de Labrador in Talavera, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Talavera is a first class municipality in the province of Nueva Ecija, one of the top producers of agricultural goods in the country. Its principal crops are rice, corn, and onions. The province is often referred to as the “Rice Granary of the Philippines”. The feast begins a few days before the feast day and is celebrated with a week of festivities, including daily novenas, Masses, processions, entertainment events and a fair (or perya). The fiesta is held on the actual day.
  • The colorful Lucban San Isidro Pahiyas Festival is also held in honor of Saints Isidore and Maria dela Cabeza every May 15 in Lucban, Quezon. It is in thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest.
  • Carabaos kneel before the church of San Isidro Labrador during the Town Fiesta of Pulilan, Bulacan.
  • San Isidro Labrador is also the parish saint of the town of Mogpog, Marinduque. During his feast day, the town people celebrates the Kangga Festival, which highlights Filipinofarmers‘ customs and traditions, as well as a thanksgivingritual for a bountiful harvest and the prosperity the town has achieved throughout the years.


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Feast Day 2007

FEAST DAY (16 May 2007)


Sponsors & Donors: Sangguniang Barangay Officials headed by our Punong Barangay, Alfredo Domalina

4:00 PM: Procession – From Sor. Terisita Tambo`s residence to the Chapel
6:00 PM: Holy Mass (Rev. Father Medz Laguerta)
7:30 PM: Dinner
8:30 PM: Dance Party

St. Isidore's Feast Day Celebration

Every year, the people of San Bonifacio, SMP 2438 Philippines celebrate the feast day of St. Isidore, the farmer on 15th of May. This is observed to commemorate his life, thank God for his blessings and the bountiful harvests (about2-3 times a year), have the opportunity to talk about community issues, and bring the Good News, hope, happiness, and inspiration to as many families as possible. The organization of activities and the objectives are realized because of the willingness of concerned individuals to collaborate, spare time and energy, and to share/help provide the needed resources. We express our gratitude to the volunteers, Barangay Pastoral Council staff, Sangguniang Baranggay and Sangguniang Kabataan members and officials, as well as government and non-government organizations for their continued support.