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I almost died in an accident yesterday. The first accident was when I fell on the ground (right between stairs and wall) from a second floor when I was a little girl. The second was when I crossed the street. I was too excited for having been able to back ride a motor bike with my uncle so I ran without being cautious when suddenly a rapid moving tricycle was approaching. Luckily nothing happened to the tricycle and the passengers when the driver abruptly and forcefully made an effort to break to be able to avoid me. I must be thankful for this is my fourth life after the third dreadful incident which just happened in Binalonan marketplace. My unconsciousness took the chance to practice survival instinct when someone blocked my driveway at the parking area. I had to find another way so I found myself needing to bypass an elevated floor. I forgot to press the break and as I struggled to gain control, I insanely pulled the accelerator which made me fly through the middle of the street. Fortunately, the tricycle driver was able to manage to swerve and stop. I apologized but he looked at me as if nothing has happened. Perhaps he was the Awareness at that moment which I failed to achieve. I could have asked for assistance if I knew that there was someone who could show compassion while I was experiencing disruption.

Thank you for saving my life (not the girl whose head you prevented from bumping to the floor) but I am not happy that you are suffering from physical pain aggravated by the cold weather. This must be the reason why you had an earlier accident – you salvaged the impact which could have ended my physical existence.

How to lose money

A plethora of financial management or money-making tips are made available through self-help books, job market, business articles, and forums. Some work for others while others work for some. Do you regret you did something that made you lose your hard earned money or have you ever wonder what happened or why you no longer have the amount of money you used to have? If you lost money, you have done one of these mistakes:

1) Joining multilevel marketing (MLM). I have never been successful to any of the so-called binary or pyramid scheme type of business or investment. I joined Forever Living Products, Amway, LoadXtreme, and IgenPortal but I lost more money, time, and effort instead of earning cash. This is not really for me and I learned that you can only be successful with MLM if you are good at finding and dictating people who can work hard for your team.

2) Accepting double-your-money deals. There is nothing wrong with investment or business venture. What makes it wrong is that if you fail to avoid a fraudulent person or company. A well-known prototype is the infamous Celso delos Angeles Demonios of the nagLegacy (in Ilocano, naglgasi means slipped) Group of Companies. My mother lost her money which was supposed secure my sister’s tertiary education. It literally slipped into delos Demonios’ pocket.

3) Keeping a credit card. If this is you’re not caught between life and death situation, there is no need to apply for a credit card because it will only increases your buying compulsion. Credit cards are one of financial firms’ strategies to gain profit by giving you access to things you want or what they tell you to must-have. This is their effective trap for people who don’t have self-control and who don’t know how to teach themselves to make payments on time. In the first place, don’t buy if you don’t have the money. Wait until you have enough and be sure to save for future needs through a debit card or savings account. I had my credit card closed before its second year (of course, the first year is waved and this is their trick that you get used to using their instrument of all temptations) because I didn’t want to pay the annual fee. Guess what. The credit card issuer didn’t get any profit from me because I paid my bills during the day or week of purchase. Instead, they lost courier fees and wasted papers trees for sending me letters as well as time and effort of customer service representatives (call center agents). Tsk tsk tsk!

4) Window shopping. Planning can be a good thing to make things happen but it takes preparation to achieve its full benefit. So if you window shop, be sure to have cash before going back to get what you’ve always wanted. Shopping around to look for cheaper or more reasonable prices are indeed a good way to save money but if you window shop to look for what’s hot or cool to buy, you better have a change of attitude and learn to be more discerning.

5) Vices. The more vices (smoking, alcohol, concubine, gambling, gluttony, materialism, living beyond your means, etc.) you have, the more expenses you will make. Try to stay away from temptations or things that do not help improve your life at all. It takes sacrifice to prove your worth as an individual in society or family where you belong.

6) Looking at what others have instead of what you have. If you bare in mind and practice by heart the 9th commandment, “You shall not covet your neighbors’ good,” that’s the only time you’ll stop wanting and start working hard for something you really need.

How to make real money?

In my experience, there is only one rule when it comes to earning for a living. No one or nothing in this world can make you successful but yourself.

Whether you are self-employed or an employee, you own a small, medium-sized or multicultural business organization, professional or skilled worker, investor, entrepreneur, or belong to show business, your productivity depends on your ability to function in your work environment. Therefore, you have to focus on, develop, and specialize your physical and mental skills.

Increased sales make you more profitable but you have to think how to attract customers before you can achieve that. You may not know how to plan and implement an effective marketing strategy but it all depends on your ability to choose your partners. Don’t say that your secretary or any other person is behind your success because people who are considered as subordinate or partners usually act according to external stimulus and that is you who set demands and standard. If you’re not critical about other people’s productivity, start caring for and becoming sensitive to everything around you. If you won from lottery or gambling it’s because you chose to risk your money.

When choosing a career, engaging into business, applying for a job or working alone or with others, you can make yourself productive and efficient worker if you improve your individual attributes, identify your self-worth, have the right motivation, understand your strengths and limitations, set priorities, do things you like doing and learn how to do them, use your resources effectively, learn from your and other people’s mistakes, be sincere, face your fears, eradicate barriers, avoid mediocrity, and most importantly respect and love yourself.

I may not be one of the high wage or profit earners but I’m working as a human being – honest, diligent, and appreciative.

If you’re jobless, start applying for a job or looking for employment or business opportunities. Online jobs are a good source of unlimited but not stable income. It all depends on how fit you are to a specific task. Waste no time and start empowering your brain and enhancing your skills needed for online jobs.