I may not know the reason why you’re here but thank you for visiting my humble blog.


People who know me personally call me miss muskitera (moos’-ki-te-ra, muskitero in Spanish; kulambo in Filipino) because they often see me with a mosquito net. It’s my security blanket and I could hardly sleep without it since childhood. As far as I can remember, I had a habit of  scratching my soles on a nylon folding bed. I loved it and it felt so good. Our neighbours would find it unusual to see a person having a mosquito net on a daylight but I wasn’t ashamed of having it wrapped around my feet while watching TV or playing in the living room. I found comfort from it especially when I was recovering from a burn injury when I was nine. Until now I always bring a small piece of mosquito net wherever I go, except at my workplace. I just can’t live without it.

Speaking of life, I live each day optimism and appreciation. I’m keeping a healthy lifestyle as much as I can. I’m not fussy with food. In fact, I’ve tasted adobong eel and ate (definitely cooked) venison, bird, quail, and duck meat, roasted ant, beetle, mole cricket, home-made and soap washed isaw (chicken ass), and balut (4 in a row) but never have I eaten a fried day-old chick. During my childhood I have tasted perfume, key and other metals, including sand to scratch my itchy gums or rather satisfy my curiosity or vice versa. I swallowed seeds and perhaps accidentally ate guavas and star apples with worm. (Yikes!) It happened and I don’t blame anyone. I thank God that I’m still alive and physically fit.

I’m not sorry even if I got dirty because I learned. I started to ride a bike at seven, played puddles, swam in creeks, public pools and beaches (not to mention the accidental swallowing of those loathsome waters), climbed trees, and played with fire, as well as hide-and-seek, hopscotch, and traditional Filipino games with the use of slippers, rubber bands, marbles, ropes, sticks, and stones.

I don’t regret even if I cut my fingers, skinned my knees, broke my ankle, fell a thousand times, burned my skin, lost direction or experienced betrayal at a young age. I don’t have an ideal life but I’m contented. I don’t worry much about many things and I don’t just give up in times of hardships. I have my own standard for aesthetic value and I’m glad to have a sense of discernment. I trust people in general and it’s up to them to prove their worth.

While we live in this material world, we should not forget the other aspect of our true nature. We are not just humans but also beings. Thus, our formlessness is as important as our form. Our spirit needs to be nurtured as our body does. However, our body should be taken cared, respected, and kept sacred to make it possible for the spirit to fulfill its purpose. I believe that Christ’s message to the world is One and the same with that of Buddha and other spiritual teachers. We must be awakened from our dream or nightmare to be fully conscious that we may attain inner peace and joy.

Making a difference is my ultimate goal. I always look forward to do things better, change for the better, and make things better. Join me in spreading love that others may share, sharing my ideas that others may learn, learning lessons in life that others may be inspired, and getting inspiration from others that I may touch more lives.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Now I’m not afraid you hold me cheaper than those others…   [w]hile I’m alive, you’ll always be most dear– So long as you’ve no taste for wretched finery.”   ~Propertius

6 responses to “#rationale

  1. hi it’s me MG of AE…. hmm what can I say about your Blog! — I like it!!!

  2. talaga naman. may initials pa.. may nakakaintindi kaya? hmm sana wala…hehe

  3. Hello miss Muskitera…about those mosquito nets….are these the types that you use in the summer over your bedding to prevent mosquitos from biting? I really like your subtle sense of humor mixed in with your sincerity. Nice blog!!

  4. thanks for reading.. it’s not for the mosquitoes but for my feet to rub on. lol. it’s rough as it seems but it gives me the most comfortable and extremely satisfying feeling i ever wanted 😉

  5. Anonymous

    hmmm…mosquito netting for the feet…perhaps you should change the name to…..ahhh….pedal net…for the feet lol.

  6. lol.. i also thought of making a mat out of mosquito net but its’ best when it’s handy. btw, mosquito net in the phil. is only made up of thin nylon strings instead of cotton fiber

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