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December 2012 – 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays

Christmas is fast approaching so I’d like to send my warm wishes in advance to all…

readers and bloggers;

my family, relatives and friends;

teachers and employers;

acquaintances, online connections

and soul-mates.

Merry Christmas and a blessed happy New Year!!!

Below is my post for today:


December 2012

31         1 2
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Circulating message claims that December 2012 will feature 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays, a combination of days that occurs only once every 823 years. The message claims that sending on the information will bring good luck to the sender.

Brief Analysis
It is perfectly true that December 2012 has 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays. However, such a combination occurs far more often than every 823 years. The last occurrence was in December 2007 while the next occurrence will take place in December 2018. In fact, any month that has 31 days will have three consecutive days that occur five times in the month. Such combinations are commonplace and occur each and every year. This message is a revamped version of earlier – and equally spurious – chain messages.


Subject: December 2012


Follow instructions and wait 4 days ! !
This year, December has 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays. 

December Money Bag Hoax

This only happens once every 824 years.
The Chinese call it the Money Bag.

Send this to all your friends – and enemies as well.
According to the legend, you will receive money in 4 days.
According to Feng Shui, if you do not send it you will stay poor.
I in particular, will not let this opportunity pass by.
So I send it to you with my best wishes. In case it is true!

Detailed Analysis
This message, which is currently circulating via email and social media websites, points out that December 2012 will feature five Saturdays, five Sundays and five Mondays. The message claims that such a combinations of days for December occurs only once in every 823 years. According to the message, the Chinese called this December event “Money Bag” because those who send on the information will receive money within four days. Alas, warns the message, those who do not pass it on will “stay poor.”

It is quite true that December 2012 will include five Saturdays, five Sundays and five Mondays. However, this fact is not at all unusual and takes place in December every few years. The claim that such a combination only happens every 823 years is utter nonsense. The last time such a combination occurred was in December 2007:

December 2007

And the next time it will take place is December 2018:

December 2018

Moreover, December in every single year will have three consecutive days that occur five times. In fact, any month that has 31 days will have three consecutive days that occur five times in the month. Such combinations are commonplace, perfectly predictable, and occur each and every year.

This message is just a revamped version of earlier messages that featured other months, including August 2010October 2010 and several more in the years since.

And, of course, the claim that sending on a silly – and factually flawed – message will somehow bring you good luck is superstitious nonsense.


Teacher’s Day

Today, September 28, is the official Teachers’ Day in Taiwan. The Philippines will celebrate this special day of appreciation to our “second parents” — the noble professionals in Ocotber 5.

During our class period, we attended a short program. Although the teachers were not given special attention, the language students from different classes had fun with the teachers and one of them sang “The Moon Represents My Heart” (月亮代表我的心). The Mid-Autum Festival (中秋節), also known as the Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival is fast approaching so they told us some tales and information about moon, mooncakes, and Chinese (and Taiwanese) way of celebrating this holiday. Chinese and Vietnamese celebrate it on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. This year, it falls on September 30, 2012.


nǐ wèn wǒ ài nǐ yǒu duō shēn ,
wǒ ài nǐ yǒu jǐ fēn ?
wǒ de qíng yě zhēn ,
wǒ de ài yě zhēn ,
yuèliàng dàibiǎo wǒ de xīn.

You’re asking me how deeply I love you
how long lasting is my love:
My affection is real,
my love is also real
The moon represents my heart

nǐ wèn wǒ ài nǐ yǒu duō shēn ,
wǒ ài nǐ yǒu jǐ fēn ?
wǒ de qíng bù yí ,
wǒ de ài bùbiàn ,
yuèliàng dàibiǎo wǒ de xīn.

You’re asking me how deeply I love you
how long lasting is my love:
My affection does not fade
my love does not change
The moon represents my heart

qīngqīng de yī ge wěn ,
yǐjīng dǎdòng wǒ de xīn ,
shēnshēn de yī duàn qíng ,
jiāo wǒ sīniàndào rújīn.

A soft kiss already moves my heart
A moment of deep affection
has made me miss you until today


nǐ wèn wǒ ài nǐ yǒu duō shēn ,
wǒ ài nǐ yǒu jǐ fēn ?
nǐ qù xiǎng yī xiǎng ,
nǐ qùkān yī kàn ,
yuèliàng dàibiǎo wǒ de xīn.

You’re asking me how deeply I love you
how long lasting is my love:
Just go and think for a moment
just have a look for a moment
The moon represents my heart

The Moon Represents My Heart – Teresa Teng – deng li jun – 鄧麗君; Simplified Chinese: 邓丽君; Hanyu Pinyin: Dèng Lìjūn; Wade-Giles: Teng Li-chün

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Random thoughts about waste management in the Philippines

Ang basurang ikinalat mo, isusuka ng Inang Kalikasan. Ang bawat gawa mo mula sa tunay na kahulugan ng pagmamahal, kanino man ito patungo at mamahinga ay babalik at babalik sa ‘yo, kaibiggan. ‘Wag mo lang sanang masdan ang kapaligiran, ingatan mo rin ito…

Filipinos have a long way to go to catch up with how modernized countries deal with the most basic problems. Are we willing to learn from the good patterns around us or keep suffering until the end of time?

Gaano ba talaga kahirap disiplinahin ang mga Pilipino? Sa tingin ko, simple lang naman ang pagsasaayos ng basura kung malupit ang gobyerno at mga alagad ng batas sa pagpapatupad ng mga alituntunin.

Dito sa Taiwan, maliban sa pananatili ng maayos na daluyan ng tubig, ang masistemang pangungolekta ng basura ay napakalaking bagay sa pag-iwas sa baha. Pa-kaontihan ng basura ang uso dito. Kung kaya nilang ipatupad ang ganitong sistema sa buong bansa, sana tularan din ng Pilipinas para maiwasan na ang mga problemang may kinalaman sa kalinisan at kalikasan na napakahalaga sa pamumuhay at kalusugan ng mamamayang Pilipino…

Ang mga sususnod na alituntunin ay ipinapatupad sa buong bansa at ang mga tao ay matiyagang sumusunod dahil gusto nilang makaiwas sa pagbayad ng multa at dagdag gastos sa pang-araw-araw:

1) Taiwan’s Musical Garbage Trucks: May 3 klase ng garbage trucks sa Taiwan. Ang unang dumarating sa isang lugar sa Daan District ay naglalaman ng malalaking lalagyan ng biodegradable waste. Pagkatapos ay susunod na darating ang mga truck na mangongolekta ng mga bagay na pwedeng i-recycle (bote, lata, plastic, papel, metal) at hindi na pwedeng i-recycle, mga bagay na mahirap piliin o ihiwalay at ang mga ito ay dapat nakalagay sa napakahalagang blue plastic bag ng Taiwan. 

2) The Blue Plastic Bags for sale. Binibili ng mga tao ang plastic bag na naaayon sa dami ng basura nila sa loob ng isang araw. Ibabalik ng pulis at basurero ang basura mo ‘pag hindi nakalagay sa blue plastic bag ng gobyerno. Nabibili ito sa iba’t-ibang tindahan. Mas mahal kesa sa ordinaryong plastic bag. Ipinatupad ito para mapilitan kang bawasan ang basura mo.

3) Ordinary plastic bags for sale. Karamihan ng tindahan, hindi nagbibigay ng plastic bag na libre para maiwasan ang pag dami ng ganitong basura. Kung ayaw mong bumili, magdala ka ng sarili mong lalagyan. Ang maganda dito sa Taiwan, maraming tao ang nagbibisikleta na may basket. Marami rin sa kanila ang gumagamit ng maliit na trolley. Matibay ang bayong kaya sana ay ipagpatuloy ng mga Pilipino ang paggamit ng bayong. 

Ginagawa po ito sa buong bansa kaya walang nagsusunog o nagtatapon sa ilog o kung saan-saan. Hindi nga ba’t mahirap makamtan ang disiplina kung malupit ang batas? 

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“I had heard that Taipei has one of the most unique waste management systems in the world … Imagine my surprise when I first heard this song outside my window and, curious about the possible existence of a nighttime ice cream truck, ran out to be greeted by this…” Read more:

We are two sisters studying Mandarin Chinese language and literature abroad at National Taiwan University for 10 months.

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National Immigration Agency – Taipei, Taiwan

For those who need visa services in Taipei, i.e., visa extension or ARC application, the easiest way to get to the National Immigration Agency is by taking the MRT to Xiaonanmen Station (小南门站).

Below are some photos to help you familiarize with the site. Filipino citizens may extend their tourist visa (i.e., 60 days for students) twice for free. Just bring your original passport and supporting documents. It will only take a few minutes to have your documents evaluated and your passport stamped if you go there early.




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