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Chocolate and Cheese Fondue

Do it Yourself (D.I.Y.) Chocolate and Cheese Fondue


#1 – Ingredients – baking chocolates (2 bars like can make one big bowl)

#2 – Break the chocolates into pieces and then place them in a metal bowl.

# 3 – The secret is cannot, CANNOT heat the chocolate directly over the fire. So that’s why you don’t put the chocolates in a pot but in a metal bowl. You have to fill a pot half-filled with water then place the bowl in the pot and then only heat. (feels like when I’m heating the baby bottle up lol)

# 4 – Then, just leave the chocolates to melt while you watch the fire and control the fire as long as you make sure your chocolate won’t burn. At this stage, the bowl of choc melting is 100% choc. Haven’t added water.

# 5 – It’s totally up to you how much water you want to add (depends on how concentrated you want your choc to be) or none at all.

# 6 – And voila – your chocolate is ready! You have to keep them heated all the time or else the choc will harden then you can’t dip your stuff into it and it won’t be a fondue anymore. But if you don’t have the small burner like us, it’s ok also. It takes at least an hour b4 it will harden again. And if it hardens just go and re-melt it.


# 1 – This one has more steps because you need cheese and whipping cream.

# 2 – Melt your cheese in the metal bowl. Like the choc, you cant melt them directly over the fire. So have to heat the pot and put the bowl in the pot.

# 3 – Squeeze some lemon juice into your cheese.

# 4 – Watch the fire, watch your cheese while they melt. The melting cheese…

# 5- Then while your cheese melts, don forget to add in the whipping cream.

# 6 – STIR. Keep stirring until it becomes less sticky and more creamy.

# 7 – Then it’s ready! Like the chocolate should heat them over the burner to keep them warm and so that they will not harden but again it takes about an hour to harden.