Al Qurum Beach, Muscat

Muscat Travelogue by georeiser

Al Qurm Beach, Muscat - Muscat

Al Qurm Beach, Muscat

The beach of Al Qurm is nice, but deserted. Forget about beach beds with sunshade, bars with refreshing drinks and water activites. Foreign workers from Pakistan are the only people on the beach. You don’t see anything else than diplomatic residences and private houses with high fences along the seashore. You are actually trapped on the beach if you don’t know where to exit (read more about this in the warning tips). The best place to be is at the Sheraton area, where you got some restaurants. This is also the only taxi stop on the beach.

23° 36' 59.5700

23° 36′ 59.5700″ N 58° 27′ 43.9600″ E

See GPS coordinates below the pictures…


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