who would vituperate me for being myself?

i know you would

yes, you…

you, who is self righteous, conceited, arrogant vociferous freak

who would often go to church to see and to be seen

who would do religious activities as indulgence for your loathsome activities

who would seek approval by trying hard to be someone or pretending to be someone else

who would earn praises in return for flattering others and following their selfish agenda

who would showcase what is pleasing to others while secretly enduring eternal suffering

leave me alone for i can’t stand to look at you

just leave for you are not worthy of my time

unless you would listen intently with discernment

unless you dig your heart out

only then you will find the treasure you’ve always been looking for

(June 2011)


2 responses to “prejudice

  1. Wow!! I believe any religious person would be totally blown away here!! The power in your tone of speech filled with the passionate rage within you expresses a total freedom without restriction in this passage. The only thing I might suggest is….perhaps change the cute kitty pics above which don’t quite match the statements below….lol….

  2. if you noticed the header images are dynamic.. I’m planning to add more but i lost my photo collection when my hard disk crashed lol. so i’m gonna go back to the phil. to take new ones 🙂

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