nothing for no one

i can’t waste my time waiting for nothing

i can’t grant wishes that give no meaning

i can’t be with you if you prefer to be with someone else

i can’t love you the way you expect me to

i can’t be the best if you don’t see me

i can’t make you happy if you believe that happiness is a choice and not something given

i can’t be your security if i have become your greatest fear for being true to myself

i can’t be your friend if you already have one

i can’t be your little secret because i’m proud when i say i love you

if i can’t be your someone then i am nothing


One response to “nothing for no one

  1. I love your stress of “I can’t” throughout this passage which directly correlates to the “Nothing”. You begin with nothing and you end with nothing…very ingenious. You are true to your feelings and true to your word. I give it an…..A+ 🙂

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