sick cycle carousel

love is a mystery and loving is the most impossible thing to resist

i just don’t know when it is right to entertain,

where it can be found

or who it is meant for

i just want to feel this way

love is like a sick cycle carousel

it goes on and on and it never stops

it lingers, it lurks

while relationships last, love does not

while people die, love does not

while promises can be broken, love can’t

while hearts can be torn into pieces, love can’t

despite the wasted time

despite the pain

despite the confusions

despite the sorrow it brings

i still want to love and be loved

for when i love the world stops

i am myself, at peace with nature

dreaming impossible dreams

taking tiny steps

in the middle of uncertainties

mesmerized by the beauty of every creature

wonder of every thought

lure of every sound

sensing the moment

hoping to share a lasting joy

and give all what is best

to the one i can truly call


(June 2011)


One response to “sick cycle carousel

  1. I like your tension filled build-up in the beginning until the climax “while hearts can be torn into pieces, love can’t” and its gradual denouement into peace and hope and finally….love. It seems that love here itself is personified. First it is sick then it is a cycle and lastly it is likened to a carousel. I hope you don’t mind my analysis of your works. I’d give this piece an…A++ 😉

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