Ang Magnanakaw

The thief
A thief wants to board a ship that is anchored at sea by climbing up a
ladder that hangs at its side. He rows his small boat to the ship but to his
dismay the bottom of the ladder is 2 feet above his reach. He cannot jump
up because the small boat will capsize. Not to give up, he figures that the
tide is rising by 1 foot per hour and as the tide rises so is his boat and
soon he would be able to grab the ladder.

How long would the thief have to wait at sea before the ladder is within his



9 responses to “Ang Magnanakaw

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  2. bakit english? pwede po bang tagalog……………………………………………

  3. tagalog please

  4. tagalog ang pamagat, tapos ang laman english!!!!! shut ur mouth loser!!!!

  5. anu yan…. ayus ah, lakas ng trip…
    TAGALOG pamagat tapos ENGLISH ang laman…

  6. anu b yan english ang laman…..

  7. Anonymous

    bakit english

  8. Anonymous

    hahaha…patay purnada ang assignment niyo noh…hehehe

  9. bkit english tagalugin mo nga

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