i’ve learned that…

i thought the “just be it” motto is easy to live… it’s not when you are hurt so badly

if falling in love is temporary madness, i want to be totally mad for when i’m in love everything is nice and easy it’s because i don’t see things clearly

some people look at a person as a gold digger if s/he is not as rich as the one s/he loves. often, families would ask not how much you love their member but how much you’re earning. they are not interested in knowing a person but in labeling, defining, and identifying his/her connections.

i was advised to save for my own future but people looked at me as someone who didn’t know how to share blessings. i felt more insecure, defensive, pretending, and worried so i decided to enjoy what i worked for while sharing some to others. that was the time i regained people’s compassion and self satisfaction.

it is better not to give than to give against your will

the key to happiness is generosity

a grateful receiver is a cheerful giver

i’d rather not feel inferiority or insecurity since i know who you truly loved

to free yourself from the one you love is an indication of true love. to give yourself to those who need you is an act of selfless love. to love without expecting to be loved is hopeless love. only god’s love is unconditional – no motive, no reason, no limit


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