Filipino – English Dictionary

Matutong magsalita ng English

aasahan — (fr. asa = hope) to rely on somebody or something

agad — immediately

agad — immediately

agos — flow (of water)

anak — child, children

anihin — to harvest something

asikasuhin — to attend to as priority

aso — dog

bahay — house

balahibo — feather

balon — well (noun)

bibig — mouth

bilang — as

bilanggo — prisoner

bukas — tomorrow

bukas na bukas — emphatic expression, signifies that something needs to be done by end of next day

buto – bone

dali-dali — hurriedly, in a hurry

dali-dali/dali-daling — hurriedly

dali-daling — hurriedly

dinala — to carry something

dumating — came (fr. dating = come)

dumating — to come

gagawa — to work or do something

gagawin — to do something

gitna — middle

grupo — group, flock

gutom — hunger

hahatakin — to pull

hawak-hawak — to hold something

hinawakan — to grasp something

huhulihin — to catch someone or something

humanap — to find something

humingi — to ask

humulagpos — to set itself free, to fall

iba’t ibang kulay — various colors

ibon — bird

idinikit — to paste onto something

ilog — river

iminungkahi — to tell someone about, suggest something

inahin — (fr. ina = mother) motherly

inahing manok — mother hen

inalis — to remove something

ipinatong — to put something on top of a surface

isasagawa — (fr. gawa = work) that which will be done, work about to be done

itim — black

iuwi — to bring home

iyon lang — only that

kailangan — necessary, necessity

kailangan — need, to be accepted

kamag-anak — extended family members, or relatives

kambing — goat

kapag — if

kapit — short of kalapit = close

kapit-bahay — (kalapit + bahay) neighbor

katawan — body

katawan — body

kauri — of the same nature, belonging to the same species

kilala — to know someone/something

kinabukasan — the next day

kinahulugan — that’s where it fell into

kulay — color

lagas — fallen object

lalapit — to seek, to approach

lamang — only

lobo — fox

lubhang malalim — very deep

lugar — (fr. Spanish lugar) place

lumabas — (fr. labas = outside) to go out

lumapit — to approach

lumikas — to leave a place for safety

lumipad — to fly

lumisan — to go away, to leave

lumisan — to leave a place

lupa — earth

lupa — earth, ground

maangkin — to be able to get something

mabahala — to worry

magbalik — to return, go back to

magpapaloko – one who allows himself to be deceived

magsasaka — farmer

magsisipag-ani — harvesters

magsisipag-kilos — (fr. kilos = act) to act, do, or work, literally to get up and work

magsisipagsunod — (fr. sunod = obey, follow) to be persuaded to follow or obey someone

magtulungan — to help each other

mais — corn, maize

maisan — cornfield

maka-ahon palabas — to get out of

makaalis — to get out

malapit — close to something

malungkot — sad

mamamatay — will die

maniwala — to believe something

manloloko — one who deceives

manok — chicken

matatagpuan — to be found out

may-ari — owner

muli — once again

muna — adv. first (before something follows)

nabahala — to be worried about something

nabisto — to find out

nagdalawang-isip — to have second thoughts

nagdesisyon — (fr. English decision) decided to do something

nagkukunwari — pretending to be something other than who he is

nagpakilala — introduced one’s self

nahulog — fell (fr.  hulog =  fall)

nahulog — fell into something

naisip — to think of something

naiwan — left alone

nakahukay — was able to dig out

nakakita — saw (fr. rw kita = see)

nakuha — to be able to get something

nalaman — to know, to realize

naninirahan — living (in a place), residing at

napadaan — to pass by

napilitan — was forced to do something

narinig — (fr. tinig = voice) heard something

narinig — heard

nasiyahan — became glad

niloko — (past) was deceived

paa — feet

pabo — peacock

pag-aakala — to assume something

pag-aari — owned by someone

pag-ani — (noun form of anihin) harvest

pagkakataon — turn, opportunity, chance

pagkuwa’y — then…

pagmamahal — love for someone/something

pagsisinungaling — lying, deceiving

pamamagitan — by means of

panahon — time, connotes right time or day

pananim — plantation, crops

pangako — to promise something

papaano — how

paraaan — means or way of doing something (fr.  daan = way)

patayayin — to kill someone or something

patungo — towards

pinagmasdan — paid attention to, observed

pinagmasdan — to observe something

pinagtutuka — to peck on something collectively or in unison

pinulot — to pick up something

sagot — answer, response

saka — then

sakim — selfish, greedy

sapagkat — because

sarili — one’s self

sariling anino — one’s own shadow, reflection

sariling anyo — one’s self

sawa — fed up, bored, tired of something

sige — expression of agreement,  “okay!”

sinabi — said (fr. rw sabi = say)

sinabi — that which was said

sinikap tumalon — tried to jump

sinuman — anybody

sisiw —  chick

taglay — inherent quality

takot — (adj) in fear

tama — right, correct, was not mistaken

taniman — field

tawagin — (fr. tawag = call) to call someone

tawagin — (fr. tawag = call)  to call someone

tinahulan — to bark at something

tinangay — to get carried away

tinanggap — to accept someone/something

tinig — voice

tirahan — house

tiyak — for sure, with certainty

totoo — true, valid, very likely

trabaho — (fr. Spanish trabajo) work

tulad — like something/someone

tulong — help

tulungan — to help someone

tumalon —  to jump

tumulong — to help someone

tuwang-tuwa — very happy

uhaw — thirst

uhaw na uhaw — very thirsty

upang — in order to

uwak — crow

walang sinuman — nobody

walang tubig — no water, empty

wika — to say, said


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