The Deeper Meaning of Christmas

Why do you celebrate Christmas? Is it because Santa Claus is watching you and you want a worldly reward? Msgr. Cris Darculan reminds us that Christmas is not about material things, receiving gifts, or having new personal stuff. Instead of focusing on the physical aspect of the celebration, we should prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus into our hearts if we haven’t accepted him. He also suggests us to bring the spirit of Christmas in our daily life by living the way Jesus did to in order to please God and to thank Him for all His blessings.

P-asok Kristo / Enter, Christ. (Let us prepare ourselves, internally, not extravagantly, for the coming of Jesus if we haven’t accepted him yet. Let’s focus on “saving” rather than spending. He is the greatest gift we could ever receive because he brings peace and the love of GOD.)

A-lis inis / Eliminate Hatred (The light of Jesus will only shine through us if we have cleared his way – our hearts from sins, hatred, jealousy, envy, and dysfunctional mind.)

S-amba tayo / Let’s Worship God (Our prayers should reflect in our actions and thoughts in whatever we do and to whoever we deal with.)

K-alat bango / Disperse whatever is pleasing not just to the senses but to the eyes of God (Don’t be ashamed of doing good deeds and following Jesus. But we should be humble and sincere in service and in prayer.)

O-ra mismo / Right This Moment (NOW is the right time to do what is just and pleasing to the Lord. Let’s not wait for the future and forget the past. We can only make things happen now and it will bring us lasting joy and peace of mind.)


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