Heartsease Daze

How could I not notice you?
You stand out in the crowd.

How could I not know your name?
You whispered it to my soul aloud.

How could I not like you?
You are always ready to sway.

How could I not appreciate you?
You are thankful for the little things I do and say.

How could I not think of you?
You’d often ask about me.

How could I avoid you?
You are there where I don’t expect you to be.

How could I not see you in my dreams?
You are the first and the last thing on my mind.

How could I deny what you do to me?
You touched me on, memories you left behind.

How could I cease to reach you?
You have called or texted me before I’d grab my mobile.

How could I complain about all these?
You make me smile.

How can I fight this feeling?
I have gone crazy about you a lot.

How can I be sure if this is all right?
Please tell me so or tell me not.
For time is precious and so our lives.


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