In Search of the Missing Light

I almost weakened my ego (unconsciousness/compulsive mind) when I became aware of my consciousness (thoughts). I found peace in my solitude but since I was conditioned by the past, tradition, the society, people’s words, I couldn’t help but expect things out of situations/events and they freak me out. I may not have matured as a person for being tactless and easily fretted. While it is true, as far as my ego is concerned I was forced to free myself from identification with form. I was convinced that the more I identify myself in the outside, the more I will crave for many other things. Now that I’m totally free, it’s easier for me to stop thinking and be still. I couldn’t care less for I fear nothing even if I don’t have anything (material things) or anyone (family, friends, relationships) to identify with and I am guilty of nothing because have accepted all that I am (my appearance, my mistakes, my past) and the responsibility that goes with my true nature (formless).

Doing public service was indeed a fulfilling experience but I felt something was missing and I couldn’t figure it out. Only to find out, I am complete, I am whole, and I am one with all things and nothings. In my quest for deeper understanding I have learned from reading Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven Life” that there are five purposes of a person’s life: 1. worship (to know and love God); 2. fellowship (to be a part of his family; love each other); 3. discipleship (to be like him; be an effective part of the body of Christ ); 4. ministry (to serve him; service to believers;  considering your SHAPE – spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality, experiences); and 5. mission (to tell others about him; service to unbelievers; share the good news). These were simplified by our parish priest in his homily when he said that our purpose in life is “to bring Christ alive in the world.”

The deeper meaning of this statement underpins the message of Eckhart Tolle to the world in his attempt to awaken those whose mind imprisoned their life leaving them with unending suffering. He believes that the teachings of Buddha, Jesus, and other great individuals have all the same meaning or at least goal and that is to end suffering (enlightenment) or to receive heaven or the kingdom of God (salvation). Interestingly, I found that there is a universal consensus in all religions that: 1. nothing stays the same, all things change; and 2. nothing is independent, with everything affecting everything ( Tolle, in his “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” concludes that one must do all things in a sacred way since divinity is in the depth of every individual, the only treasure which can never be taken away:

Once you are awakened, it will be easy for you to answer this question: Who are you? Consciousness that has become conscious of itself… As each human being is an integral part of the collective human consciousness, we (the awakened) will (or are expected) to affect the world much more deeply than is visible on the surface of our lives. That is, to endow the seemingly insignificant (activities, which are in fact,) with profound meaning. Our task is to do everything in a sacred manner – to bring spacious stillness into this world by being absolutely Present in whatever we do. Where there is consciousness, there is quality in everything we do, even the simplest task. The very reason for our existence in human form is to bring that dimension of consciousness into this world. The pain-body will diminish not through fighting it but through bringing the light of consciousness to it.

Love is the only thing I am holding on to and it can be shared to anyone or anything through compassion, healing and awakening of the world.


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