Just Be It, Inc. on Transreligion:

When we touch the realm of ‘transreligion’ we enter the realm of Allah, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, etc. in truly seeing our enemies as us. The ‘us vs. them’ dichotomy vanishes. The calibration of human consciousness rises exponentially as we listen more and more, speaking less, but speaking with more care and precision. We commit to minimizing the harm we do others as we ‘feel’ their Divine. Our actions move from love, not fear and anger. We meet new situations with a sense of equanimity, no matter what. We recognize it’s not in our capacity to ‘resolve’ anything since everything is moving, the next arising moment now before us.

Can our church leadership help us diminish violence by stepping up the Oneness conversation and stepping down the ‘we’re right, you’re wrong’ monologue? Can we advance into the transreligion movement and help put scientifically based truths on the curriculum of all schools? Can we move beyond the illusion that excessive wealth is ‘not causing harm’? Today’s politics have placed close to 30% of America’s wealth in the hands of 1% of the people. The dualistic, competitive mind has caused great harm.

Can our politics advance to the transpartisan party? Can we move beyond our simplistic bipartisan mind?



I guess there’s nothing wrong in learning about other religions or embracing other religions as long as their practice and effect reflect the absolute good rather than bringing affliction and adding physical destruction to the world. For me, I need to focus and support my current religion while I deepen my understanding from learning other spiritual teachings.


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