I almost died in an accident yesterday. The first accident was when I fell on the ground (right between stairs and wall) from a second floor when I was a little girl. The second was when I crossed the street. I was too excited for having been able to back ride a motor bike with my uncle so I ran without being cautious when suddenly a rapid moving tricycle was approaching. Luckily nothing happened to the tricycle and the passengers when the driver abruptly and forcefully made an effort to break to be able to avoid me. I must be thankful for this is my fourth life after the third dreadful incident which just happened in Binalonan marketplace. My unconsciousness took the chance to practice survival instinct when someone blocked my driveway at the parking area. I had to find another way so I found myself needing to bypass an elevated floor. I forgot to press the break and as I struggled to gain control, I insanely pulled the accelerator which made me fly through the middle of the street. Fortunately, the tricycle driver was able to manage to swerve and stop. I apologized but he looked at me as if nothing has happened. Perhaps he was the Awareness at that moment which I failed to achieve. I could have asked for assistance if I knew that there was someone who could show compassion while I was experiencing disruption.

Thank you for saving my life (not the girl whose head you prevented from bumping to the floor) but I am not happy that you are suffering from physical pain aggravated by the cold weather. This must be the reason why you had an earlier accident – you salvaged the impact which could have ended my physical existence.


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