I really don’t need approval so I hated it when I am introduced according to how people should identify me, like with what I do or what I have accomplished in life. It’s like explaining why I deserve to be living on earth. However, I realized I did the same mistake of defining people based on their (past and present) activities and the reasons why they have such endeavors. I guess I should not be guilty or complaining when people define and describe others if the intention is simply giving an idea about who a person is in order to easily build a relationship of deal with common interests.

I may have realized my pain-body and the unconscious me that made my life miserable but until I keep on recalling the past events and old memories, I remain trapped in the prison I created for myself. If this is my unconscious ego that is talking, I let it be for at the moment but with the hope that I will finally get over it as soon as possible. If this is dwelling in the past and strengthening my pain-body, then I am not fully awakened yet. Is this curiosity that is hindering me from being the Presence, from being one with life?


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