I just learned that Freud’s definition of ego is different from that of Tolle’s. In Freud’s theory of personality, the ego functions in the consciouspreconscious, and unconscious mind. It acts as a mediator to balance the id (the unconscious part of the mind that is instinctive and primitive), the super-ego (the moral part of the mind which embodies ethical values) and the external world. On the other hand, Tolle’s concept of ego is the unconsciousness itself. It is the ‘false self’ because it completely identifies with thought and emotion. As the blueprint of dysfunction, it is, by nature, the source of human insanity, the very reason why there is individual and collective dysfunction that created all the social and physical devastation in this world.

Speaking of Life on earth, I also learned that, according to Frued, there are only two drives that motivate a person’s activities: sex (Life Force) and aggression (Death Force). The former represents the “drive to live, prosper, and produce offspring” while the latter represents the “need to stay alive and stave off threats to our existence, our power, and our prosperity.” Rick Warren ingeniously keyed out the five purposes of human existence: to know and love God (worship); to love each other (fellowship); to follow Jesus to be able to grow to maturity (discipleship); to serve others (ministry); and to spread the Good News to the world (mission). The Catholic Church teaches that in order to live meaningful life is to bring Christ alive in the world. It seems that this is a simplified statement of the five purposes that Warren identified. By following Christ, who lived a purpose driven life, I become like him. This will create a multiply effect to future generations.


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