Dick Gordon is the only choice

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5 well-documented reasons why we should NOT vote for Noynoy

1. Noynoy is incompetent, has a very poor track record and has no leadership qualities.

Why I Won’t Vote for Noynoy – a serious look at his resume

Side-by-Side Comparison of the 2010 Presidential Candidates

2. Noynoy called the Luisita farm workers’ strike illegal, defended military and police action during the Luisita Massacre, gave the media two conflicting accounts of the massacre on the same day, and told congressmen not to investigate what had happened.

How a workers’ strike became the Luisita Massacre

3. Noynoy’s supporters, the corrupt Kamag-anak Inc. and friends, would be back in power.

Aquino Administration Corruption

Greed and Betrayal

4. Noynoy has refused to reveal where he used his pork barrel. He didn’t do anything at all for Tarlac in the 9 years(!) he was congressman.

5. Noynoy has claimed that the only way he could lose was through cheating, and has threatened to lead a People Power revolt should he lose. What was the basis for his claim? Surveys? Did you know that some of the prominent members of the board and stockholders of Pulse Asia are Noynoy’s relatives? And the corporate records of both firms show interlocking directorship with several personalities appearing as stockholders of both SWS and Pulse Asia? The fact that they have never fully disclosed their connection to Noynoy makes their surveys very suspicious.

The Maturation of Philippine Democracy

The Pulse Asia/SWS-Noynoy Connection



1 – Sen. Noynoy’s arrogance at its worst.

In a previous entry, I used the description “seeming” to provide a degree of doubt on the good senator’s arrogance. However, recent pronouncements of Sen. Noynoy have removed the shadow of doubt and exposed his arrogance at its worst.First, there’s his claim that the presidential election is a two-man race between him and Sen. Manny Villar. Where did he base his claim? From the results of surveys, which he once described as “can be bought from Quiapo”? From the results of surveys whose validity and reliability are actually questionable? From the number of fans in his and Sen. Villar’s Facebook pages? Sheesh, if those are his bases, it just shows how shallow-minded this purported “future president” is. And if his claim of a two-man presidential race is founded on such bases, it just goes to show how arrogant the good senator is.Second, there’s his campaign ad where Sen. Noynoy arrogantly proclaims, “Nagkaisa na tayo, hindi na mapipigilan ang ating tagumpay.” “Hindi na [raw] mapipigilan ang [kanilang] tagumpay”??? The nerve of Sen. Noynoy to make such a pronouncement! The May elections are still almost a month away, and he is already claiming victory? He’s making people, especially his supporters, count chicks before the eggs have even been laid! And what, if the results of the election do not go their way, surely they will cry foul and claim that they have been cheated. The nerve of Sen. Noynoy and his campaign!Third, I suddenly remembered something I failed to include in the previous entry about my reasons against Sen. Noynoy. Recall in a presidential forum how Sen. Noynoy told Sen. **** Gordon something like he (Sen. Noynoy) would not entertain the remarks of a survey “tailender” when asked by Sen. Gordon about his (Sen. Noynoy’s) accomplishments? Have we ever heard Sen. Noynoy apologize to Sen. Gordon for that statement? Tsk tsk…. If that’s not arrogance, then I don’t know what is. The funny thing is how Sen. Noynoy’s supporters keep on insisting that the good senator is the humblest among the presidentiables. My gulay, ganyan ba ang mapagpakumbaba? Ganyan ba ang nakatapak ang mga paa sa lupa? Ganyan ba ang taong nasa realidad pa ang kanyang ere?

Plenty more reasons why I will not vote for Sen. Noynoy Aquino
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