7100 reasons why my vote goes for GORDON

For about three months now, I have been collecting articles about the candidates for the national election on May 10. This obsession started when I received regular of emails from certain individuals / bloggers about the presidential aspirants.  I decided to repost every article/news in my inbox for others to read. This blog has helped me decide who to vote, especially for the first two highest positions. It was in February when I finally realized that RICHARD GORDON is the only candidate to stand out in terms track record, integrity, performance, intelligence and character, while the rest, especially Manny Villar, received more negative criticisms and accusations than approval.

I admitted to myself that I have mistakenly, wrongfully and awfully, with all regrets and disappointment, chosen the wrong presidential candidate who happens to have been facing criminal charges and is known to be associated to murderers and corrupt officials. I promised I wouldn’t do the same mistake again of voting someone just because he/she was leading the survey or more popular than the rest.

This time, I am voting because I know the person and his capacity to be a good leader who promises nothing but a renewed Filipino spirit if only we will follow his good examples and do something to achieve his vision. Much has been said about his qualifications and achievements. Thus, I articulate  no more than my pride of choosing him and his meek but straight partner, BAYANI FERNANDO.

Convincing others to consider GORDON & BAYANI is too much for people who are hopeless and close-minded but it’s a noble deed for those who believe that life on earth is worth living when it is lived for others. This is what GORDON and BAYANI stand for. This is what people have to stand for in order to achieve real change for a better nation.

The following are my rants/comments and links which I have posted on my Facebook wall highlighting my support to GORDON & BAYANI and disgust about other candidates, especially Manny Villar, who really seems to be the resurrected damned queen of all murders and fraud in the Philippine history:

* The truth about 2010 Presidentiables


* “para sa mahirap..? tapusin ang kahirapan..? sinong nakagawa? ako lang.. puro lang sila pangako. napatunayan ko na yan. kaya kong gawin sa buong Pilipinas. itaga nyo yan sa bato” ~DICK GORDON


* walang sayang na boto sa tuwid, masipag, matalino, magaling at tapat na kandidato

* para sa mga hindi pa na-convince, hindi pa huli ang lahat…
i pick DICK and i want (to be a) BAYANI because…
Gibo Teodoro cannot manage his own little party of 12000 members. How can he lead the entire nation?
Type any other candidate’s name in your search box and you’ll get articles/comments/news features about their …inefficiency, psychological problem, scams, criticisms, deception, pretension, stupidity
bakit sila (money villas & annoynoy) nagbabatuhan ng putik? pareho silang marumi.
many have switched to GORDON-BAYANI http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=439280
dahil “BAWAL ANG TANGA at BAWAL ANG TAMAD,” magbasa at timbangin ang iyong kandidato
show your support by bearing the red bolt or any of these twibbons on your profile photo. http://twibbon.com/Search?searchQuery=gordon

* show your support by bearing this bolt on your profile pic. i chose GORDON & BAYANI because…
Gibo Teodoro cannot manage his own little party of 12000 members. How can he lead the entire nation?
Type any other candidate’s name in your search box and you’ll get articles/comments/news features about their inefficiency, psychological problem, scams, criticisms, deception, pretension, stupidity…
DAHIL BAWAL ANG TANGA at BAWAL ANG TAMAD, magbasa at timbangin ang iyong kandidato

* bakit mayaman si GORDON pero hindi kurap? naginvest sa PNB, namuhunan sa stock exchange, may mana sa lolo at hindi nakipag-agawan (legal kaya walang na-annoynoy). walang pinahirapang magsasaka/magtutubo (annoynoy), hindi nangolekta ng barya (eddie sino pa, si sherap din pala ano? hehehe), hindi stapador (eddie ung anak… daw nya), walang inagawan ng lupa (money villas), hindi nagpatayo ng bahay na inanay at nagibo, este nagiba (money villas), hindi nagcovert ng first class irrigated agricultural lands (money villas pa rin)…

* “What this country needs is not just a change OF men, but a change IN men.” -Dick Gordon
“Those in power should dutifully implement the laws without fear, even if this would mean the loss of votes. This is POLITICAL WILL.” -Bayani Fernando
“Nakita ko ang mukha ng kurapsyon sa mukha ni Manny Villar.” -Jamby Madrigal http://korapsyon.com/
“Ito-tour ko siya, i-tour nya ako.” mag tour tayong lahat -Manny Villar
“Putang ina!” -Mar Roxas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TldszXmG80
(walang masabi kasi natutulog sa pansitan) http://img101.imageshack….us/img101/9481/noynoy.jpg -Noynoy Aquino

* pakishare ito sa mga taong TV lang ang nakikita sa buong buhay nila upang maliwanagan sa katotohanan

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