How to capture a screen without installing a snapshot software

Requirement: Microsoft Windows        

1: Display the image which you wish to capture.        

2: Press the Print Screen key (abbreviated as “PrtSC” or “PrntScrn” which is usually accompanied by “SysRq”) when you are ready to capture a screen. It automatically stores the image in the Clipboard.        

3: Open Paint, PowerPoint or any program which can open a Bitmap file (.bmp).        

4: Press Ctrl+V (or click “Paste” under “Edit” in the Menu bar).        

5: Save the newly created image file. You may save it as *.tif, *tiff, *.gif , *.jpg, *.jpe or *.jpeg (commonly accepted on Facebook, Friendster and Myspace).        

(Note: Paint and PowerPoint actually produce poor image quality so I used Adobe Photoshop Elements 7. Open this program before capturing the screen. Click “File”, then “New” and choose “Image from Clipboard” instead of  “Blank File”. Don’t forget to save it.        

This is what i have just created using Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 with a single click enhancement.        



The image reveals my current status (lol). If you’ve noticed, I have 44 items in my gift box. I thought I could have up to a thousand of gifts as long as they come from your Facebook friends’ posts (through filtering – but I found out that gift limit was raised from 30 to 50 items. You have to use/sell ’em before opening gift requests, though.


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