Manny Villar’s Supporters Are Red In The Face

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Get Real
Refuting Manny’s defenders
By Solita Collas-Monsod
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 22:33:00 02/05/2010

IN RESPONSE TO LAST WEEK’S COLUMN where I presented some incontrovertible facts regarding the ethics case against Sen. Manny Villar, I received an e-mail from one Danilo Suarez of Quezon City. He wrote: “Read your column re your take on C5 and Sen. Villar’s ‘involvement.’ In the interest of fairness, I exhort you, as a supporter of Sen. Villar, to also check his official website and his side on the matter. I trust you would put this out as you search for the truth …. Looking forward to reading about it in your column.”

My reply: “Dear Mr. Suarez, If there is anything erroneous in any of the statements of fact that were published in my column, please feel free to point them out, together with the documents you have that will allow me to verify that they are indeed erroneous. As you may have noticed, the A’s in my column can be verified by documents and uncontroverted statements from official sources, which I was very careful to cite, precisely so that readers like you can check them. I am certainly glad that Mr. Villar has aired his side on his website. That is his choice. It is mine to look at the government documents and the sworn testimony that are part of the Senate record. I look forward to Mr. Villar’s defending himself in a venue that allows for clarificatory questions and refutations. That is, after all, part and parcel of transparency and accountability that are so necessary for good governance. Regards.”

The Inquirer also forwarded me an e-mail from Ma. Nalen Rosero-Galang, who identifies herself as legal counsel for Senator Villar. I also received a paper titled “C-5 sound and fury: Is Monsod painting the full picture? Student rebukes professor” by Ricardo G. Barcelona of Spain, who identifies himself firstly as “a former student of Prof. Monsod,” before going on to reciting the rest of his impressive curriculum vitae. I am honored that he considers his being my former student (albeit a rebuking one) more important than the rest of his professional achievements.

For the most part, both Galang and Barcelona do not contest the facts presented in last week’s column. An exception is when Galang asserts that “There is no evidence whatsoever that the alignment of the C5 Road Extension was determined by Senator Villar, or that its alignment was changed in order that it should pass through the real estate properties of Senator Villar’s companies.” Excuse me, Ms Galang: May I remind you that per the Department of Public Works and Highways, Senator Villar conceptualized and initially funded both the CX-5 and the Las Piñas-Parañaque Link Road project. That is in black and white in the DPWH project feasibility studies.

Both do contest what I considered a reasonable conclusion: that since there was already an ongoing (MCTEP) linking C-5 to the Coastal Road, it was unnecessary (and therefore wasteful) to build a second one. Galang argues that both were necessary, given the “worsening traffic condition (sic) in Parañaque, Las Piñas and Cavite.” Barcelona argues that it was not a case of wastefulness, but rather of creating choices for motorists.

To Ms Galang: where in urban Philippines are traffic conditions not worsening? To Mr. Barcelona: MCTEP was conceived precisely to create choices for motorists. There already exists a current road network, toll-free, that will allow motorists to move from SLEX to the Coastal Road. MCTEP would give them the choice of going from point A to Point B more quickly—as long as they are willing to pay for the convenience. Giving motorists a third choice, in the context of competing demands on scarce resources, cannot be—never mind, should not be—defended. Giving motorists a third choice, while at the same time ensuring that the third-choice road passes through Villar-owned properties (I notice neither Galang nor Barcelona refuted the 50-52 hectare area involved), is even less defensible.

Then there is the matter of zonal valuation. Barcelona is correct to point out a seemingly inconsistent set of estimates: In my column, I stated (not suggested—it is a matter of arithmetic), that the Villar lots were acquired at an average price of P7,168/sq m while non-Villar properties went for P1,880/sq m. In my analysis for News on Q, which was earlier taped, the figures I gave were P11,520 and P2,922 respectively (not the P11,000 and P4,500 that Barcelona cites. Tsk.). Inconsistent? No. The P11,520 figure refers only to the properties that are directly Villar-owned. The P7,168 figure refers to direct properties and those in joint-venture with Villar companies. Please note that I used the lower figures in my column.

To Barcelona: Do not put words in my mouth. I was not suggesting that capital gains linked to proximity to public works should accrue to government. And there is a world of difference between the Hacienda Luisita issue and the Villar properties issue: (1) Noynoy Aquino probably owns less than 2 percent of Luisita, Villar owns 100 percent of his properties; and (2) Villar conceived and initially funded CX-5/LPPLP; Aquino had zilch to do with SCTEX. Tsk.

Moral of the story: Do not rebuke your teacher using insinuations and without full knowledge of the facts. My fault is that I didn’t teach him any better.

Finally, I cannot resist quoting Joker Arroyo, circa 1998: “So in the case of Speaker Villar, it is simple. If he wants to go/continue in business and deal with government financial institutions, he can do so but he cannot also be a congressman. If he wants to be a congressman, then he must not be in business which deals with the government. We have to pay a price.” Amen.


One response to “Manny Villar’s Supporters Are Red In The Face



    I hope Manny Villar wins in this election as the President of the Philippines.
    Thanks for this information. This is not the last time the senate, Enrile and others have alleged wrong doings by those with ambition to become president, specially if their targets are their political opponents. Nothing much comes out of these allegations for the system of justice in the Philippines is in itself alleged to be corrupt. In the Philippines documents can be corrupted. Records are changed and stolen. Many bureaucrats and journalistsI are and can be bought. I think this happens seldom in the Philippines whereby a candidate of his calibre is running for office of the Presidency. For a start, I like to hear from Manny Villar himself. I copied the article below that tells how he spoke before the senate refuting their allegations. Of course, he was right in not staying after that speech in order to protect himself from questionings that are intended to destroy his credibility. That is not the place to answer questions based on hunches and wrong assumptions.

    Villar denies benefitting from C-5 Road project
    February 2, 2010, 9:06pm
    After a long wait, Nacionalista Party (NP) standard-bearer Senator Manny Villar finally appeared at the Senate plenary Tuesday afternoon and faced his accusers on the C-5 Road project controversy, declaringthat the report of the Committee of the Whole, which recommended censure for his alleged unethical conduct, was grossly unfair.
    In his emotional privilege speech before 15 senators, Villar said he decided to come out to defend his name and honor, which he claimed is being tarnished by his political adversaries using the same recycled issue designed to pull him down and destroy his political career.
    “I am saddened that my colleagues continue to destroy and criticize me even without basis and whose only objective is to pull me down,” said Villar.
    Villar, however, left the Senate plenary hall shortly after delivering his speech, to the dismay of Sen. Jamby Madrigal and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile. (My comment: He did the right thing in this regard)
    Madrigal, a complainant in the ethics case, said Villar was being unparliamentary and acting as a coward when he left the Senate session hall to avoid answering colleagues on his allegation that he is innocent of the charges. (My comment: parliamentary is when they must talk about pending laws. in this session they are intent in destroying him….they are fishing for what they can use against him…)
    To describe his situation, Villar said he is being pulled down by his political foes because of his continuous surge in the surveys lately. What is worse, he said, is that our Filipino crab mentality still persists.
    “Tayo raw ay parang mga talangka. Pag may isa sa atin ang naka-aangat sa buhay, siya’y pilit hihilahin pababa,” laments Villar.For the ninth time, Villar stated that there was no double insertion and overpricing in the C-5 Road project where he was accused of having gained financially using his influence as Senate president.
    To prove that he is not hiding and coward, Villar said he had already explained many times in different forum and media his side on the controversy that he had committed no wrongdoing. (My comment: And I am glad more Filipinos are beginning to believe him. Who would I rather believe? His political opponents? Those whose records are very clean because their records for performance is also clean…like a tabula raza, blank? The best thing to do for those who do not have the calibre to lead is to do nothing to be safe. That’s how I think Aquino has been…he is in politics because it is easy for him to bask in the glory of Cory Aquino and to protect their vast hacienda, a primary contributor to keep the Pope and his sovereign country alive. He has done nothing in three years as a Senator. He had not thought of any bills that will lighten up the deprived living conditions of the farmers in their hacienda. He is there to keep the tracks of land in the name of the Aquino dynasty.)
    Amid strong criticisms, the embattled senator again defended the C-5 Road project which he said was necessary to ease traffic in the area and ultimately the travel of about six million residents of Cavite, Las Piñas, Parañaque, and nearby provinces. (My comment: These are rational, justified, and pragmatic reasons for helping build the road that resulted from this bill).
    To refute allegations against him, Villar strongly emphasized his wealth came from sheer hardwork and not from any anomalous transactions. (My comment: Erap for mahirap is not raised amidst poverty of Tondo. Manny Villar grew up in Tondo, not in the enclaves of the wannabees in Forbes Park and the likes.)
    “Hindi po ako nagnakaw kahit isang kusing sa kaban ng bayan. Mula sa aking mga magulang, minana ko ang prinsipyong ito: Na ang kahirapan ay hindi dahilan para magnakaw, Villar stressed. (My comment: “I did not steal even just a single centavo. I inherited this principle from my parents: Poverty is not a reason for one to steal.” THIS principle SHOULD GUIDE ANYONE AS TO WHO TO ELECT AS THE COUNTRY’S NEXT PRESIDENT. I believe what he says, not what other says about him whose intention is to destroy him.
    He lamented that now that he had already achieved his dreams and is serving our countrymen, his political adversaries cannot accept the fact that he intends to lead the nation and save the people from the clutches of poverty.)
    He said the barrage of attacks and criticisms against him started in 2008 when he announced his intention to run for president.
    Villar also said that what saddens him is that his political foes have been trying hard to put malice and doubts on how he was able to rise to what he is now. (My comment: Talanka mentality…mga naiinggit lamang.)
    He also brushed aside speculations that he would only enrich himself once he gets elected president of the country. (My comment: Many Filipinos are unable to kilatisin the kind of people they are faced with, because they themselves are confused as to what morality is about, nor do they know what makes a person a qualified leader to lead them out of dismal situations in the Philippines where almost everyone wants to go away from and go to other countries for jobs.)
    Villar said: “Magpapayaman daw ako pag nanalo. Paano ko daw babawiin ang ginagastos ko sa kampanya. Bakit po? Kailangan bang bawiin ang nagastos?. Wala po sa isip ko yan. Wala po sa isip ko ang bumawi dahil hindi naman negosyo ang pagiging pangulo.” (My comment: TUMPAK!)
    Villar said he finally decided to come out to set the record straight and present his side on the issue to stop his detractors from further pillorying him.

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