Kahit Sino Alam Na Nagbabayad At Nanunuhol Si Villar!

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Manny Villar and Dick Gordon are missing the point


They’re missing the point
By Ricky Poca of the Cebu Daily News

In a recent no-holds-barred forum, presidential aspirants Manny Villar and Dick Gordon took the opportunity to question the competence of Noynoy Aquino, who’s been leading in the surveys. They asked him what he has done compared to their achievements as government officials.

Gordon showcased the transformation of Olangapo City and the former United States military bases in Pampanga after the Americans pulled out. Villar questioned Noynoy’s performance as a legislator in the House and the Senate.

I don’t know if attacking other candidates would win votes for them, especially because the issue cited by the two may no longer be effective in convincing voters. We had presidents of remarkable competence who were seduced by power and created political crises unheard of in mature democracies.

A classic example is Ferdinand Marcos, who wanted to be president for life. Another is the best educated and well experienced president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who has become the most unpopular president in Philippine history because of serious public doubts about her character.

What Filipinos are looking for now is not primarily good track record in government and competence but integrity. Fortunately for Noynoy, the people believe it’s something the other candidates are found lacking.

What’s striking is Noynoy’s response to the latest Social Weather Station survey, showing that Villar is closing the gap between them. Noynoy said the result was expected, given the frequency of the broadcasts of Villar’s paid political ads flooding the radio and television. Noynoy said his camp didn’t put out a lot of political ads yet because he wanted to abide by the rule against early campaigning.

Indeed, a character such as Noynoy’s is a rarity in politics nowadays, and this endears Noynoy to the people even more because it just shows that Noynoy does respect the rule and the spirit of the law, which Villar disregards. I guess it’s the attitude of politicians like Manny Villar that scares people. They will do everything just to get elected, so what will stop them from doing everything just to stay in power or acquire more of it?

There is no question that Villar is ready to spend billions of pesos for his campaign. His tab right now may be in the hundreds of millions already. And so people are asking – what will a businessman like Villar do when he gets elected president?

In Dick Gordons’ case, he wants to know what the Aquinos have done for Tarlac. I think Gordon has forgotten that Cory Aquino’s contribution went beyond Tarlac. She was instrumental in restoring democracy in our young, sad republic, for which she was recognized by leaders and peoples the world over.

Cory also showed that she was not hungry for power because she readily stepped down when her term ended, despite the advice of her allies who enjoyed being in power more than she did.


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