This FarmVille Freak is Goin' Nowhere

I joined Facebook in 2006 with only about 5 friends . I eventually forgot to visit my account for there was not much to do. Until one of my closest friends invited me in July 2009, I decided to create another account.

I wasn’t enthusiastic about Facebook until I accepted game invitations. I first played VampireWars but I unexpectedly enjoyed FarmVille more. Since then, I stopped blogging and spent most of my time, some precious and supposed-to-be-productive time, clicking and maneuvering my mouse. My goal was to get a villa so I kept playing to reach Level 34. I wanted to stop playing but I can’t help myself. New features keep on coming and I’m always tempted to try them. What really made it hard for me to abandon my farm were the Christmas Seasons items and free Fuel Refills. I was also inspired to design my farm when I found out about FarmVille Art. It took me a couple of months to enjoy it. I was thinking about  mastering all the crops but I know this is too much to dream of.

I may be going nowhere in playing FarmVille but I guess this is better than playing offline games. At least, Facebook games allow its users to have some social interactions where they help and support each other. It’s just like keeping a long distance relationships and it isn’t bad at all. Some games may allow stealing but it’s not that offensive and it doesn’t violate human rights or ethical principles. I believe, the game designers don’t wish to promote such a bad habit into real life. They only wanted to provide an option for those who are hopeless. Now, it’s up to the players if they choose to be more patient, work harder, develop better skills and think wiser or become little wretches.

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I’m absolutely certain that I’m not a Facebook addict because there’s only one item (#4) that I assert to be true. Writing on this blog is a good sign that I have control over my time. I thank God for all His blessings — for giving me a chance to live and wisdom on how to live life.

Here are a few of my favorite photos:

Links to my game feeds:



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