Ang Siga Na Duwag!

Villar Should Man Up: Accept Enrile Challenge

Instead of crying foul , Sen. Manny Villar should accept Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile’s challenge to prove his predecessor isn’t a coward and debate the merits of the Enrile’s C5 Report. This is a crucial leadership test to see if Villar can truly dispute the damning findings and recommendations of the Report, which has been indorsed by a majority of the Senators.

The tactic of absenting himself and his allies from the session has been called chicken-like behavior by Villar and his attempt to mount a coup against the Senate leadership only cements the public perception that Villar cannot dispell charges of violation of conflict of interest provisions of the Constitution and improper and unethical conduct as a Senator.

According to the Report, these transgressions—the illegal diversion of the C5 Road, the wastage of land bought for right-of-way and undue gains obtained from the appreciation of real estate values– cost the Filipino people P6.22B in precious funds that could have been used for badly needed public services.

With only seven session days left, the Senate must dispose of the Report. The question of moral fitness to govern for a candidate aspiring for the highest position in the land will hound Villar no end if he continues to employ evasive tactics. Villar has to remember that corruption and abuse of power are key issues in this campaign. ###


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