The Philippine National Heroes

Dr. Jose Rizal – The National Hero.
Andres Bonifacio – The Great Plebian and Father of the Katipunan.
General Gregorio del Pilar – Hero of the Battle of Tirad Pass.
General Emilio Aguinaldo – President of the First Philippine Republic.
Apolinario Mabini – Sublime Paralytic and Brains of the Revolution.
GOMBURZA – Martyred Priests of 1872.
Trece Martirez – 13 Martyrs from Cavite.
Emilio Jacinto – Brains of the Katipunan.
General Antonio Luna – Cofounder of La Independencia .
Melchora Aquino (Tandang Sora) – Mother of Balintawak.
Graciano Lopez-Jaena – Greatest Filipino Orator of the Propaganda Movement.
Panday Pira – First Filipino Cannon-maker.
Mariano Ponce – Propagandist, Historian, Diplomat And Managing Editor of La Solidaridad.
Gregoria de Jesus – Lakambini of Katipunan and Wife of Andres Bonifacio.
Fernando Ma. Guerrero – Poet of the Revolution.
Felipe Agoncillo – Outstanding Diplomat of the First Philippine Republic.
Rafael Palma – Cofounder of La Independencia and First UP president .
Juan Luna – Greatest Filipino Painter.
Marcelo H. Del Pilar – Greatest Journalist and Moving Spirit of the Propaganda Movement.
Leona Florentino – First Filipino Poetess(from Ilocos Sur).
Pedro Paterno – Peacemaker of the Revolution.
Isabelo delos Reyes – Founder of Philippine Socialism.
Artemio Ricarte – Revolutionary General, known as Viborra.
Jose Palma – Wrote the Spanish Lyrics of the Philippine National Anthem.
Lakandola – Chief of Tondo, Friendly to the Spaniards.
Rajah Soliman – The Last Rajah of Manila.
Leonor Rivera – Cousin and Fiancee of Jose Rizal.
Marcela Mariño Agoncillo – Maker of the First Filipino Flag.
Galicano Apacible – One of the Founders of Katipunan.
Jose Ma. Panganiban – Bicolandia’s Greatest Contribution to the Historic Campaign for Reforms.
Diego Silang – Leader of the Ilocano Revolt.
Maria Josefa Gabriela Silang – Continued the Fight After her Husband’s Death.
Lapu-Lapu – Chieftain of Mactan Who Killed Magellan. First Filipino Hero.
Francisco Dagohoy – Leader of the Longest Revolt in Bohol.
Epifanio delos Santos – A Man of Many Talents; the Former Highway 54 is Now Named After him (EDSA).
Francisco Baltazar – Prince of Tagalog Poets.
Teresa Magbanua – First Woman Fighter in Panay. Visayan Joan of Arc.
Trinidad Tecson – Mother of Biak-na-Bato.
Agueda Esteban – Wife of Artemio Ricarte Who Carried Secret Messages About Spanish Troops.
Marina Dizon – Daughter of One of the Trece Martirez.
General Francisco Makabulos – Leader of the Revolt in Tarlac.
Julian Felipe – Composer of the Philippine National Anthem.


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