My favorite online storage services

The best way to back up, manage or share your important files conveniently to individuals or groups, publicly or privately, is through online drives. The following are some of my favorite sites where I can manage or access files in the Internet:

Skydrive offers the highest free memory which is 25GB. However, like Windows Live Messenger, it slows down your online connection bandwidth resulting to poor performance and productivity.

GoogleDocs is one of the safest, easiest and fastest way to store and manage files online. On the down side, the limited file size makes this service annoying and useless.

4shared – is a 5GB free storage for almost all types of individual or zipped files. Be sure to access your account at least once a month to prevent your files from being automatically deleted. It’s interesting because you can search public files and download them for free.

Gmail Space extension is best for FireFox users who want to store files online for as much as 4.1 GB.

HotFile is one-click file hosting for you share your files easily and securely.

There are a lot more similar services to choose from but be sure to read the terms and features of your choice.


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