The Best I’ve Ever Had

The Best I’ve Ever Had

The saintly teacher, who introduced me to the world of words,
Taught me to recite, sing, act and memorize literary pieces.
She had angelic voice, graceful movements and skillful hands
And she inspired me to bring out the best in me.

The motherly teachers, who pushed me to the limit,
Though with firmness and strict rules,
Have taught me to face challenges with optimism
And develop the right habits and attitudes of a good citizen.

The sisterly teachers who were dedicated and dependable
Taught me to have courage and be prepared at all times.
They gave me a chance to show my abilities
And influenced me to love learning.

The character-building teachers who deserve two thumbs up
For their academic excellence and admirable qualities.
Without hesitation they wholeheartedly share their wisdom and treasures
To make their students become special just like them

They are God’s gifts I’d cherish for a lifetime
They are the best teachers I’ve ever had
Words are not enough to express my gratitude and appreciation
But there’s one thing I am sure of — I want to be like them.

(February 2001)


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