A Piece of Paper

Below is an example of a long quatrain (four-line stanza) with 7 syllables and AABB rhyming scheme:

A Piece of Paper

I was made out of a tree
When stones, woods, leaves as men see
No longer fulfill their needs
Especially for their deeds

I can be simple and plain
But you can use me to feign
You can spray me with sweet scent
In any special event

I can be everyone’s toy
Airplanes, boats, masks for a boy
Puppets, ribbons for a girl
Tear me or crumple or twirl

Out of me you make decors
Hang me on the walls or doors
Produce me creatively
Show me artistically

I am useful everyday
Use me to wipe dirt away
Whenever there’s no tissue
Or to wrap foods or gifts, too

You see me where I’m needed
To make sure you are guided
And to help you become smart
At home, office or mart

Be sure to use me wisely
And please plant at least one tree
Or recycle me instead
For success and growth ahead

I am of great importance
I am precious to humans
I am useful forever
I am a piece of paper

(February 2001)


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