How to replace Yahoo! Messenger broken sounds?

today, i have reformatted my OS drive for the nth time not because i wanted to clean my disc space but because i accidentally installed a bogus antivirus. it looked like a microsoft product (though i didn’t see any logo) so i installed it out of panic. i thought i was forced to turn my firewall off to speed up torrent downloads. due to that deceitful security alert i had to turn it on and install updates, which i ignored doing just because i didn’t want to install additional files that i supposed were unnecessary. i wasn’t that careful… LMAO!

after installing everything, my last problem was finding another set of Y! Messenger .wav files to replace the annoying broken sounds of the new version of YM (ymsgr900_2128_us, which is actually a good one because it installs quickly).

i had the set of true YM sound clips before but i lost it so i had to find another one and save it for future use and for those who are interested. (i’d rather disable all sound alerts than hear broken sounds if i weren’t able to find them)

click here to download. cheers!


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