Feast Day 2009

I do believe that miracles don’t have to be spectacular. There had been 2 typhoons, Dante and Emong, and rains in the afternoon a few days before St. Isidore’s feast day celebration. My mother’s prayer was answered when she asked God that it would not rain on the 14th and 15th for the preparation and things that needed to be accomplished for that special day. You may call it coincidence but I believe it’s God’s way of showing His care for the people of San Bonifacio.

The activity is regularly observed to honor and thank St. Isidore for his intercession in asking God for His protection, blessings, and guidance. We would like to thank Rev. Fr. Diomedes Laguerta, PPC Finance Officers, the volunteers, donors, mass offerers, and everyone who made the feast day a special and meaningful one.

It is hoped that God’s message for that day would be carried out through our lives that Loving God as He loves us is so easy to do. Father Medz said during the mass that God’s requirement to enter His kingdom is not that difficult. Material possessions are not a measure of God’s ‘final judgment’ but the way we use our lives as His instrument of good works and deeds for others. Let Jesus be the model of our lives for he has taught us how to love God through others. The importance of our faith in God and His role in our lives should not be ignored for He is the source of all good things.


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