a story about unconditional love

i heard this from a priest’s homily on a Sunday mass

on their way to the bus station, the town mayor and the government officer passed through an accident. since they were in a hurry to catch the scheduled trip, they did nothing to help the three victims who fell from the motorcycle. they didn’t even care to make an emergency call or report to the nearest police station.

they waited for a few minutes for the mayor’s departure, then the officer left the station. he passed through the same road where they saw the accident. for the second time, he ignored the victims who were still there lying soaked in their own blood and rushed home for unknown reason.

as he reached home, he felt something unusual and eventually realized that his son, who has just graduated from college, wasn’t at home as expected. he started to worry and was shocked when he was told that his son was one of the victims in the accident he just ignored.

he could have saved their lives or at least his son’s life if he had the initiative to help the victims. unfortunately, though he practices a religious life, he suffered the consequence of not living with his faith that teaches about loving others unconditionally.

“…whatever you did for the least of my brothers and sisters, you did for me” — Mathew 25:40


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