serenity in my quiet place

it’s amazing and i’m grateful to know that the most special person in my heart is the one leading my way closer to God.. i thought my world has turned upside down. i’m stuck in the middle of nowhere as if every good thing has become impossible to achieve. i just realized i almost forgot stick to the cliche, “count your blessings”, which most optimistic people advice to hopeless individuals. it’s easier said than done but it’s worth practicing. timely enough, i received an SMS that goes:

“The happiest people don’t have everything they want. They make the most out of what they already have. Misery starts when a person looks at the 10% missing and overlooks the 90% blessing. We all have our share of blessings. Some get them fast. Some wait for a long time. What’s important is it comes at a time we most need it. God knows best and He will give the best in His time.”

i may have nothing or i may be rejected a million times but it’s not a reason for me to shut myself off to the world. i believe all things happen for a purpose. someday somehow, i will be an instrument of love  for others. at the moment, i have my family to take care of. this is my chance to share my blessings and show love in return. while some people find happiness from material possessions, experiences or successful career, i find fulfillment from sharing blessings to others and my relationships with people who care and whom i care. praying and listening to inspirational songs or audio books help me gain strength and make me inspired to achieve my dreams.

life on earth may appear hell since many people are suffering because of deception, greed and other forms of evil. indeed, it’s possible to experience heaven if we live by Jesus’ teachings and preachings and allow God to dwell in us because otherwise somebody else will. Nothing is too late for those who are willing to make decisions and take appropriate actions.  He is powerful enough to overcome what we call ungodly entities. We just need to prepare ourselves for this to happen. It doesn’t matter how great our effort is as long as there is initiative and determination.

what a small but wonderful world. i never imagined life could be better until i found what it takes to want to live and be alive…


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