This time of my life

I’ve seen the sun in a clear sky
Where it keeps shining after the rain
Through the window it brightens my gloomy abode
It welcomes the stream that is gently flowing
As though with shimmering crystal its reflection gleams
It lights the shadow, warms the cold air
And turns a phantom into a palpable sight

I’ve conquered the land
That looks as if it has not undergone destruction
For it is able to regenerate and revive its beauty
The more it is replenished the more it gives
And it seems it would never stop yielding
Full of treasures and astonishing views
It entices me to live forever

I’ve touched the cloud and sunk into the ocean
Soft like a sweet breath, deep like the love I feel
It’s inviting me to embrace nature like it’s mine
As it shows how much it needs to be nourished and taken cared of
Never will I forsake this place I can call my home
This is where I want to rest
This is where I will offer my life

In the dark woods I was lost, blinded, and deceived
But I was found, comforted, and secured
Having this wonderful experience makes my spirit shout with glee
For it brings me strength and hope to survive
I have seen the world in a different light
And I will cherish this time of my life even after everything withers
My loyalty remains to nature as long as it is there allowing me to grow each day

(August 2007)


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