My Twin Soul

Down from heaven you came like rain
Revived this parched soil to sustain.
This dying earth you replenished
With life I thought had all vanished.

You caused my exhausted spirit
Drench with joy from your zealous heart,
Dance and wander as in a trance
As if tomorrow has no more chance.

Strange thoughts captivate your mind
Mesmerized instead when you want to unwind.
Now, here’s an abode for your soul to rest
For you’ll be saved when you face a test.

Pain and sacrifice would linger to entail
But we’ll try to struggle even if we fail.
Our life together, like the ocean’s current,
Shall cleave forever and remain eminent.

(July 2007)


One response to “My Twin Soul

  1. I love how you personify the earth and rain as 2 people longing for each other…and becoming each other’s complement and satisfaction.
    Your use of imagery to describe and paint a striking picture of lovers as twin souls is both deep as well as clear!! Very beautifully done!!

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